Fernando Viscasillas is a contemporary visual artist Fine Arts Degree. He works with Urban Design, Installation, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, and Photography. He has several solo exhibitions in Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Tokyo, Monte - Carlo, London.. and over 30-35 group shows.

The simplicity and the energy of this artist define his works using the composition to define each individual, yet without removing the flexibility of that shape or introducing any hardness to the form and the positive energy transmitted by the strong colour and his ironic characterization of his subject and his several architectural styles.


Fine Arts Degree, University of La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain

Doctoral Courses in Fine Arts (University of Vigo) Spain


Medal "Award Lorenzo di Medici ", 5º Prize Painting, Florence Biennale 2003

Exhibition Finalists Award "Un Menu per La Colomba", Venice 2006.

3D Gallery, Bevilacqua La Masa Fundation , La Colomba Restaurant. Venice


Artwork featured every month from December 2016 in the Average Art Magazine (Liverpool) and from august, every months, in the A5 Magazine  and the Wotisart Magazine (Liverpool) to present.

In Lisbón: "Diario de Noticias"

In France: "La Nouvelle Republique des Pyrenees", "Le Petit Journal", "La Depeche du Midi"

In Spain: "El País", "ABC, Newspaper Cultural Magazine", "El Punto de las Artes"(Fine Arts Magazine), "La Voz de Galicia", "La Opinión", "Diario de Pontevedra", "Faro de Vigo","El Día" (Tenerife), "Diario de Ferrol"

Catalogs in several exhibitions


Several private collectors in Spain, Italy, France, UK, Miami and Tokyo.

MACEW (Museum of Contemporary Art in Tenerife, Eduardo Westerdahl Collection)

Wenceslao F. Flórez Fundation, La Coruña, Spain

"Torre Pujales" Fundation, Corme, La Coruña, Spain


2018 - Art Fair "Artrooms" London

2017- Wenceslao Fdz. Flórez Fundation, La Coruña, Spain

2016 - "My library" Installation. J.B.M. Ribadumia, Pontevedra (Spain)

2010 - Fund. Wenceslao Fdez. Florez, Cecebre, La Coruña (Spain)

2009 - "The Pink Cow" Art - Bar Gallery, Tokyo

2007 - Perbet Gallery,Megeve ( Savoie ) France

2005 - Casa de Galicia (Galicia Government) Madrid, Spain

2004 - "Viscasillas / R. Suprani", Catus Gallery, Bologna, Italy

2003 - Catus Gallery, Bologna, Italy

1998 - Ra del Rey Gallery, Madrid

1997 - Instituto Cervantes, Lisbon, Portugal

1997 - Instituto de Estudios Hispánicos, Tenerife ( Canary Islands ) Spain

1996 - Fontanar Gallery, Riaza ( Segovia ) Spain

1995 - José Cataluña Gallery, Santander ( Spain )


2018 - ArtBox Gallery, New York

2018 - "Building Bridges" Art Rooms Fair, Meliá Hotel, London

2017 - ArtBox Gallery, Basel (Euroairport Basel)

2011 - Les Rencontres de Maubourguet » France

2010 - MACEW, Contemporary Art Museum Eduardo Westerdahl, Tenerife

- Red Gate Gallery, London

2009 - « Les Rencontres de Maubourguet » France

2009 - The Pink Cow Art - Bar Gallery, Tokyo

2008 - Chateau Dudon, Bordeaux, France

2007 / 2006 -Award "Un Menu per La Colomba" Venice ( Italy ) 3D Gallery,

Bevilacqua La Masa Fundation, Casino Palace St. Marcos Square

2006 - Perbet / Chabanian Gallery, Annecy ( Savoie ) France

2005 - " Les Rencontres de Maubourguet ", France

2004 - " Les Rencontres de Maubourguet " France

2004 - "Art - Expo " Monte - Carlo ( Monaco ) Catus Gallery, Bologna

2004 - "IL Quinto Elemento", Centro Azzurro, Reppublica de San Marino,

with Catus Gallery, Bologna

2003 - Biennale Internazionale Dell´Arte Contemporánea, Florence, Italy

2003 - "Les Rencontres de Maubourguet " France

2003 - Biennale Internazionale di Barletta, Catus Gallery, Bologna, Italy